CanMan: The Journey Home

Our beloved CanMan has finally made it home to Falls City Brewing Co.

CanMan is our new mascot and he was developed as a way to help honor the past of Falls City Beer, while also giving our brand a new figure to help create awareness about our beer and what we're brewing.

CanMan was based off of "BottleMan" a prominent feature in Falls City ads from the 60's.BottleMan Ads from the 1960's

He was used for seasonal print ads and became a very recognizable figure throughout Louisville and the surrounding region.

We wanted to use CanMan in the same way!  As you can see below, we plan to use him throughout the year to help promote the Good Times in life when a Falls City Beer is the perfect companion to your life!CanMan Ads from 2018
Clovehitch Productions in Louisville, KY developed our CanMan video which helped bring him to life.  Look for more animated shorts and other adventures with CanMan in the near future.  To stay up to date, follow him on Instagram @CanManFCB.

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